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Embarrassing Confession:
I absolutely posted an angry rant at 2:30am this morning about Steam and removed it later after getting some sleep. Which is probably a good segue to this post...

My Game and I are new to
I have lurked on a few years now, but never really participated, honestly not sure where or if I fit in, I just know after my launch in September on Steam that I don't believe they deserve 30% of my sales, when the only people who bought the game were friends, family, current followers. In my mind the 30% take should include the benefit of exposure and some assistance in being seen on the platform, something I don't think Steam can really do with the number of games being released these days.

Is a game I have been developing for over 10 months now,  moving forward with 2 more years of monthly updates and new content. The nice thing is that ICONIC is nearly bug free, the rough thing is it needs more content, isn't as juicy yet as maybe other games, needs sound effects, could definitely improve a lot, and it will.

Hopefully you are willing to give it a shot, the sooner you support the game, the cheaper it will be for you, my way of saying thanks for supporting a random dude on the internet.


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